If you are an investor and will not be in Thailand full time, our comprehensive service is unmatched. We make sure that your property is secure, properly maintained and of course earning revenue!

exclusive property services by STETTCO has an impeccable record with our clients (see the testimonials page here)

  • Our Property Management services include:
  • Rental evaluation and recommendation, based on similar properties, location etc.
  • Recommendations for improvements to the property to maximize rent potential.
  • Arrangement for any improvements required.  
  • Tenant screening.
  • Legal aspects of tenant’s contract/tenant’s obligations/landlord’s obligations etc.
  • Property maintenance & repairs.
  • Regular inspections of empty or occupied units.
  • A Regular report submitted to the landlord.
  • Making property-related payments on behalf of the owner.
  • Marketing of the property.

We use multiple media platforms to promote your property including our Website, Google Ads, Local Papers and Magazines and we can also arrange for individual advertising plans and campaigns as well as regular mailings.

Due to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, you will have total peace of mind when you are away from Thailand; knowing that your home away from home is being well cared for.